Terri Julianelli provides clients with individually tailored Therapeutic Bodywork sessions incorporating non-invasive, non-forceful techniques utilizing gentle positioning and movement to rediscover comfort.

   Hi!  Thanks for visiting my new, evolving website...and taking the time to learn a bit more about who I am and the therapeutic bodywork that I offer my clients. I feel honored to be allowed to witness the unfolding of healing and change within each individual I work with, and to be a participant in revealing the body’s wisdom that is waiting to be expressed. Now an Ortho-Bionomy Associate Instructor and
Registered Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy
, I was introduced to this amazing work in 1994 and over the years I studied extensively with Ortho-Bionomy’s founder, British Osteopath Arthur Lincoln Pauls. Within a few years, I also began exploring the study of complementary methods of resolving injury and emotional trauma. I believe that it is important to truly listen to my clients and allow them to gently enjoy the process of remembering ease and comfort in their bodies and lives. In addition to the wonderful methods offered by Ortho-Bionomy, my Buddhist meditation practice and my studies in Somatic Trauma Resolution provide me with additional ways to respond to the different messages that may arise while we work. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

May you be well !

All good wishes,



Terri Julianelli
Ortho-Bionomy Associate Instructor
Registered Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy
Offices in Berkeley and Walnut Creek , California
Clients also seen in the Ukiah/Redwood Valley area

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Terri at 510-541-3263 (Berkeley Office)
or 925-952-9688 ext. 4 (Walnut Creek Office)
or e-mail her at  SpiralsTRJ@yahoo.com

Until my website offers more detailed information, please feel free to check out my page on the Rose Street Center Website as well as the descriptions on the Society of Ortho-Bionomy's Website.  These links are listed below.

Therapeutic Bodywork and Somatic Trauma Resolution with Terri Julianelli

Ease, Balance and Comfort are aspects of life that we already know and Ortho-Bionomy is one way of remembering.

While Ortho-Bionomy is primarily recognized as a form of comfort-focused bodywork, it naturally expands into a way to approach life and can assist anyone in functioning more harmoniously within his or her body and environment. Ortho-Bionomy addresses a remarkable number of painful and debilitating physical and emotional conditions as well as being a safe and effective way to ease stress and promote relaxation.

Terri has worked with clients who have had specific symptoms such as neck and shoulder tension, headaches, knee problems, carpal tunnel pain, back pain and chronic muscle tightness or those in recovery after injury, accidents and surgery. On the emotional and mental planes, she has helped clients in recovery from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and has worked with individuals on life changes, grief recovery and chemical dependency issues.

Particular Areas of Specialization:

* Reduction in pain and restriction throughout the body and the client’s biological and energetic system.
* Promoting recovery from repetitive stress injuries, high velocity injuries and emotional trauma.
* Working with clients who do not have acute symptoms but who would like to achieve a greater level of relaxation,    body awareness and general well being.

Clients are provided with individually tailored sessions incorporating non-invasive, non-forceful techniques utilizing gentle positioning and movement to relieve pain, rediscover comfort and balance, and to promote healing.

Terri Julianelli is a Registered Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy and has had extensive advanced training in the resolution and healing of physical and emotional trauma.